Up trend in USD/CAD 15 Minutes chart

Bullish trend in USD/CAD currency pair fifteen minutes time frame. Short term support is present at 1.3610 price level. Based on Elliott …

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Up trend in USD/CAD 15 Minutes chart

Pound Euro exchange rates close to a 5 month high (Tom Holian)

Will Sterling’s rebound against the Euro continue, and what factors could effect the GBPEUR rate this week? (Joseph Wright)

How will the French election affect Sterling exchange rates? (Tom Holian)

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Sell setup in EUR/USD 15 Minutes chart

Is not the time to buy euros? (Dayle Littlejohn)

An interesting week so far for the Pound but will we see a volatile end to the week? (Daniel Wright)

Will the Euro rise or fall?

Will the Pound be able to hold onto its recent gains? (Joseph Wright)

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Euro Exchange Rates Uncertain Ahead of Final French Vote (James Lovick)

Will this sterling rally continue?

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Sterling Spike Softens – Where Next for the Pound? (Matthew Vassallo)

Fairly conclusive French election results bolsters the Euro, with Pound to Euro rates deteriorating (Joshua Privett)

Where next for GBP/EUR? (Daniel Johnson)

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