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Possible Alien Abduction In Bennington Vermont 95
Paranormal on Thursday Apr 27 2017 13:20
Photo Of A Fast Moving Alien Craft Over California 136
Paranormal on Wednesday Apr 26 2017 13:35
Alien Entities In The Woods Of New Hampshire 150
Paranormal on Tuesday Apr 25 2017 13:59
Nasa Adminisrator Claims That We Will Be Invaded 898
Paranormal on Monday Apr 24 2017 15:58
23 Russian Soldiers Killed by an Alien Entity 8938
Paranormal on Sunday Apr 23 2017 14:06
Scary Ufo Close Encounter In Manitoba Canada 2118
Paranormal on Saturday Apr 22 2017 08:26
Missing Time and Animal Abductions in Pennsylvania 601
Paranormal on Friday Apr 21 2017 15:03
Alien Craft Close Encounter On The Beach In Brazil 244
Paranormal on Thursday Apr 20 2017 15:10
Photo Of An Alien Craft Pacing A Plane Over Devon England 581
Paranormal on Wednesday Apr 19 2017 13:50
Military C-47 Close Encounter Over Nevada 147
Paranormal on Tuesday Apr 18 2017 16:48